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The biggest benefit to working with Steady Networks has been the quick response times. We always have a quick response to our help requests. We have never waited for more than 15 minutes for someone to respond to us - even after hours. One morning around 7:15 we couldn’t get into our main management program, but within 15 minutes we had two techs on line to make sure we could get our computers up and running. Our partnership with Steady Networks has given me greater peace of mind that even if something isn’t working at that moment, the problem will be handled expediently without much intervention on our part. My advice to anyone considering working with Steady Networks is this: Don’t hesitate, your life will be less stressful.

Kathryn Roberts
Practice Manager
Cornali Orthodontics

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Improving your Albuquerque business with reliable IT

When technology fails, downtime can cost thousands in lost revenue, reduced productivity and missed opportunities.

Our unique process protects your critical infrastructure, your proprietary data and the tools you rely on. We are so confident that our Managed IT Support Solutions will work for you, that we offer NO CONTRACT solutions to all of our customers.

Contact a sales associate today to find out more about how you can get Predictable IT Solutions with NO long term contracts.

Computer Support - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Espanola

Technology Solutions That Put You In The Driver's Seat

Managed IT Services - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Espanola

Managed IT Services

An outsourced IT solution gives you access to enterprise tools and skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of in-house. Get a fully staffed help-desk and personalized business solutions without the stress and cost of full time employees.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Espanola

Business Continuity Planning

Find out how a Business Continuity Plan can reduce your day to day risks and enhance your security in the face of disaster. Most businesses have backups, we can show you how to make the most of them.

IT Consulting & IT Outsourcing Services - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Espanola

IT Consulting

Steady Networks is a company of experts who pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of IT. We can offer you the very latest hardware and software solutions giving you the edge over your competition.

Network Administration - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Espanola

Network Administration

Unlock the Super Power in your company! Our unique proactive Network Administration process gives you the leverage to get more from your people and your technology.

We've helped many businesses get more from their IT

Here's what they say about us:

I can get back to focusing on profitability and service.

<strong> I can get back to focusing on profitability and service. </strong>

Before Steady Networks, I had to rely on techs who either lacked the expertise I needed, or I had to wait for up to a week for them to be able to make it to town. When Steady Networks proposed a proactive approach to IT services, I was eager to give it a try. Their knowledgeable staff of professionals, always give me the explanations I am looking for without too much technical jargon and a smile to boot. With Steady Networks on my team, I can get back to focusing on profitability and service. I can get some sleep, too.

Swain, MacKinnon Grieco

One of the best decisions we made.

<strong>One of the best decisions we made.</strong>

Steady Networks is one of the best decisions we made. We are always seeking to maximize our day's work and effectiveness. Steady Networks has been responsive, honest, and ready at any moment to assist our small business needs. I would recommend that any small business should not only outsource their business services, but also look at leveraging Steady Networks' state-of-the-art technology systems to improve their business' efficiency in today's competitive markets.


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The Albuquerque Business Journal has named Steady Networks as of one 2017’s Best Places to Work. We are honored to be publicly recognized as a great place for employees, and this award affirms our company’s culture of inclusiveness, teamwork, and excellence.

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