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Steady Networks has been providing Albuquerque IT Support, Managed Services, IT Support, Help Desk, PC Support, and more since 2012. We serve businesses large and small with their IT Support needs.

Upgrade your IT support to fast, friendly, and reliable service.

We want to prove that our computer support is the best in Albuquerque by helping your business with a free consultation to diagnose any computer trouble you may be having. There is no cost or obligation, the only requirement is that your business has at least 10 computers and 1 server to qualify.

Several years ago as a small business owner and manager I was reluctant to invest in IT beyond getting hardware and software as we needed it, and addressing problems as they occurred.

Then we began to see we were applying band aids to problems over and over without solving many problems, and at a surprisingly hefty expense. We then turned to Steady Networks and developed a relationship which has dramatically improved our relationship with IT. With the guidance of Steady Networks we have an ongoing evaluation of our current needs, proactive planning for our future needs, and rapid support when unexpected issues arise. We now pay a monthly premium but have overall saved costs and now prevent down time which previously was too frequent, so the trade-off has been worthwhile. We also now have confidence that when issues arise they are addressed promptly by someone who knows all aspects of our IT well and who's incentives are aligned with ours to promptly resolve issues. We have been very satisfied to partner with Steady Networks.


Patrick G Quinn, MD
Managing Partner
Northern NM Gastroenterology

Before Steady Networks, I had to rely on techs who either lacked the expertise I needed, or I had to wait for up to a week for them to be able to make it to town. When Steady Networks proposed a proactive approach to IT services, I was eager to give it a try. Their knowledgeable staff of professionals, always give me the explanations I am looking for without too much technical jargon and a smile to boot. With Steady Networks on my team, I can get back to focusing on profitability and service. I can get some sleep, too.


Sabrina Salvato
Swain, MacKinnon Grieco

Jonathan Sandmel President of Steady Networks

Jonathan Sandmel
President of Steady Networks


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