Why are people still getting hacked?

Last week was Def Con, the world’s largest hacker convention. Here are some quotes from some of the world’s most experienced hackers on why people still get hacked:

“Because we don’t concentrate on the easy stuff. People need to use password managers. People need to you know segment there they are their social media profiles their email accounts and stop mixing everything together and just concentrate on the basics. Because you don’t want to be low hanging fruit.” – a Red Team operator at iiNet

“Because they don’t update their s***. And they use [passwords] like ‘1234’ and really basic stuff. It’s really bad.” – anonymous

“I think people still get hacked because most hacks these days that the public encounters work to exploit the human side of the equation and are not all that technically sophisticated. Hackers aren’t magic wizards; Our mental vision of a hacker is still a guy in a hoodie doing very complicated, high computing power-required cracking of very secure systems, and not a person copying and pasting a bunch of passwords to see which ones work.” – Kate Rose, digital security professional and maker of Adversarial Fashions

Three hackers that agree: basic password hygiene is a great place to focus on security. Use password managers, use unique passwords for each site, don’t use easy passwords. Easier said than done, but maybe I can help. Call me for more info.

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