Risk Assessment

Risk Exposure Score and Solutions

Every business knows they’re liable for protecting information, but do you know how susceptible your business is to losing that information through a cybersecurity risk or breach? At Steady Networks, we provide risk assessments to businesses and organizations to identify their Security Maturity Level Score (SML) and provide services and solutions to help better their cybersecurity and protection.

Our IT Risk Assessment is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and provides companies with valuable insight of their current risk exposure via their SML, which is based on the Security Maturity Scale. The higher your score, the more proactive your business, which correlates to a net reduction in risk exposure and the costs associated with data breaches.

Make your business stronger by undergoing a risk assessment by Steady Networks:
  • Identify Your SML Score

    Find out where your business ranks on the Security Maturity Scale

  • Risk Exposure Solutions

    We provide insight on what risk exposures your business is susceptible to and solutions to combat them

  • Business Protection

    Secure your bottom line with net reduction in risk exposure and costs related to breaches

  • Meet Industry Standards

    Ensure your business complies with certain guidelines such as HIPAA, DFARS, GDPR, and more.

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