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Ready to move away from the headaches of on-premise servers, databases, files and folders?

Steady Networks can help you move into a serverless world!

  • Migrate Existing Servers

    Is it time for a server refresh and you want to evaluate a cloud option? Many servers can function just as well or better in the cloud. Get the added flexibility to upgrade storage, RAM and processors in just minutes instead of waiting years for the next server upgrade. Upgrade your SQL servers, file servers, domain controllers, terminal servers – any server can be migrated to the cloud!

  • Access From Anywhere

    With a greater need than ever to work from home and other out-of-office locations, a cloud server makes a lot of sense. Choose the flexibility of working from home, in-office or even getting rid of that big server room altogether when you migrate server infrastructure to the cloud.

  • Reduce Backup Costs and Risks

    On premise server backup can be costly because the safest way to manage it is keeping one copy in-office and one on the cloud. With cloud-based servers, you can eliminate the local storage and management and cut your costs significantly while improving your return-to-operations time when your users are setup to connect to the cloud from the beginning.

  • Files Belong On The Cloud

    It’s the 21st century – you’re not still keeping files on thumb drives, local servers and local desktops are you? For too long we have been trying to manage around clunky systems that require Rube Goldberg machines to make sure we don’t lose data when a laptop goes missing or a hard drive dies – or worse yet, a ransomware attack strikes! Born-in-the-cloud file systems backup and sync in real-time without you having to give users special software or special training.

  • Upgrade Your Security

    While there are legitimate security concerns about the cloud, most cloud solutions when implemented properly have more built-in security features than on-premise systems. Features like self-service password resets, multi-factor authentication and geographic limiting are built into most cloud systems but cost thousands to implement for your on-premise solution. Want to learn more about the latest in cloud security? Give us a call today.

  • Reduce Capital Expenses And Never Buy A New Server Again!

    The time has come to migrate to a cloud-only solution. Don’t get caught up in the 5-year lifecycle of dying technology. Go serverless today and stay up to date with your business technology from now on. All it takes is a quick phone call to see if a serverless solution is right for you.

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