Could Your Office 365 Account Get Ransomware?

Yes. And here’s what you can do about it…

Many of our customers are migrating away from traditional file servers in favor of Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint through Office 365. This system has lots of advantages – it’s becoming more and more integrated into Windows and Microsoft Office, you don’t need VPNs to gain secure access to your file shares, and it even offers 2-factor authentication for increased security. There are also new risks to consider, and one of them is backup.

Office 365 offers 90 days of backups for deleted files and folders in Sharepoint. That might be enough for an accidental deletion that you detect right away, but what if you don’t notice for 4 months, or even a year later? What if you (heaven forbid) get ransomware on your Sharepoint. How can you be certain to get everything back? That is a very likely scenario for most of my clients – they aren’t in the business of monitoring those files every day – that was supposed to be my job!

Well now there’s a tool for that. We can now backup Sharepoint files as well as Teams and even your email accounts for as little as $30/month. We are excited about these new tools, but with every new clod product, we have to find economical ways to backup and monitor those backups to be fully prepared for the unexpected.

Are you using Sharepoint without a proper backup? You’re not alone, but contact me to find out how to reduce your risk.