How to tell if your password has been hacked.

Here’s how to tell if your password has been hacked.

Another day, and another 122k personal identifications hacked. This week it was Providence Health Plan, but it could be your company. Its yet another reminder to keep a good, strong, unique password for every web service you use. This makes it important to use a password manager to store all of those unique, hard to guess, hard to memorize passwords across hundreds of sites.

So the big question is: Has my password been hacked?

Well, Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Directory went about creating a website to safely answer that question. His site has two tools on it that tell you if a) your email address has been the subject of a breach and b) if your password has been part of a breach. Why did Troy build the site? He explains that he wanted to, “not only helps victims learn of compromises of their accounts, but also highlight the severity of the risks of online attacks on today’s internet.”

Ultimately this should shine a light on the fact that if you are using the same password over and over, you should be aware that it likely is already out there, “in the wild.” Want to see for yourself if your email or password has been found among the millions of breached and published accounts out there? Here are the links.


And there’s no shame in being part of a breach. Type in my email address and you’ll see, I’m in there too.