Helping Businesses Build A Remote Workforce Quickly

Many businesses around the country have had to move their entire workforce from a professionally maintained and managed office network to a ragtag collection of old laptops and work-from-home computers in a matter of weeks if not days. At Steady Networks, we feel like we have been preparing for this moment all out lives!

As early advocates for “born-in-the-cloud” solutions, we have a range of solutions at the ready to help your business meet the unique security and usability challenges of a sudden remote workforce. Here are just a few examples:


We have heard from a lot of businesses that sent their workers home and had them connect their home computers to the company’s VPN so they could access the business server to gain access to files and servers. Yikes! Did you know that opens up incredible risks to your most sacred business assets? Once your employees connect to the VPN, they could be connecting a malware-infected, unpatched machine directly to your server! Would you trust your workers to give their teenagers admin access to a work computer to use as they like? If not, have a policy that prevents workers from connect a VPN directly to your office.


Remote Desktop Connection

What if you don’t have an extra business computer lying around to give to each employee? Most of our customers didn’t either when the COVID-19 crisis hit, but we did have the ability to get them remotely and securely accessing their office workstations quickly and affordably. Many companies turned to programs like Logmein and GotomyPC which allow users to safely access their in-office computers from a home computer. We were able to get our customers back to work, with all the security features in half the time and at half the price of those products.

File Sharing

What if your file sharing wasn’t on the server, and it was already in the cloud? Then you would be ready to hit the ground running when the remote workforce opened for business. We have been integrating cloud-based file sharing systems built on Teams and Sharepoint for 2 years. Many of our clients are already setup to access their critical file shares from any internet connected device like a PC, a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone. For truly mobile solutions, these kinds of file sharing solutions can’t be beat.



One of the biggest buzzwords of the mobile work crisis has been “Zoom” – followed soon after by “Privacy Concerns.” And while Zoom has been shutout of institutions like the NYC School Systems, we have held hundreds of meeting in our Teams platform from Office 365. It has all of the capabilities of Zoom and Gotomeeting with many enhanced security and privacy features built right in. No secret sharing with Facebook, no installation of clandestine camera monitoring software, but it does integrate Multi-Factor Authentication with your Office 365 account and offer one-to-one and one-to-many Video/Audio and text chatting with people in and outside of your company. Most people already have it baked into their Microsoft 365 subscription and just need to learn how to use it. We can show you how.


Hopefully you are already on a VOIP platform that made it easy to jump from in-office to working from home. If not, it’s time to learn just how flexible a VOIP system can be. In just a few clicks, you can move from taking phone calls on your traditional desk phone, to receiving calls on your mobile phone, on an app, or using a bluetooth headset and converting your business computer into business phone with just an internet connection. A good VOIP system lets you change outgoing messages, auto-attendants and call routing from an easy to understand browser-based portal.

If you need help with any of these components of a new Work-From-Home-World, then please call Steady Networks and find out how easy, secure and affordable a remote workforce can be.



Jonathan Sandmel