Cyber Security: What You Need to Know

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Many business owners are becoming increasingly more concerned with the state of cyber security within their own company. Some of these fears may include regulations such as HIPAA, DFARS, PCI compliance, and SSAE-16 to name a few, along with just the general concerns about protecting your intellectual property and privacy. At Steady Networks, no matter what your concern is in … Read More

Beware of a new Locky-type ransomware

Beware of a new Locky-type ransomware

Disguising itself as an invoice proved to be an effective approach for the original Locky ransomware, which infected millions of users in 2016. Although it was mostly defeated, hackers are currently using a similar approach to spreading a new type of malware. In 2017, a new Locky ransomware is poised to duplicate the success of its predecessor. Quick facts According … Read More

Are all hackers out to do harm? Not so fast

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Newspaper headlines and Hollywood movies have influenced our understanding of computer hackers, but in the real world it’s not so simple. Some hackers are making tremendous contributions to the field of cyber security, it just depends on which hat they’re wearing that day. Take a few minutes to learn about white, black and gray hat hackers. A complicated history Since … Read More

Know these types of malware to stay protected

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Computer threats have been around for decades. In fact, one of the first computer viruses was detected in the early 70s. Technology has come a long way since then, but so have online threats: Spyware, ransomware, virus, trojans, and all types of malware designed to wreak havoc. Here’s how different types of malware work and how you can avoid falling … Read More

Nyetya ransomware: what you need to know

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Nyetya, a variant of the Petya ransomware, is spreading across businesses all over the world. Although it shares the same qualities as WannaCry — a ransomware deemed ‘one of the worst in history’ — many cyber security experts are calling it a more virulent strain of malware that could cause greater damage to both small and large organizations. Here’s everything … Read More

Does the CIA have access to your router?

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There are an exhausting number of cyber security threats to watch out for, and unfortunately you need to add another to the list. A recent leak from the CIA proves that routers are one of the weakest links in network security. The Wikileaks CIA documents For several months, the notorious website famous for leaking government data has been rolling out … Read More

Fixing computers drains your firm’s funds

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Aside from overseeing your business’s network security, IT security staff are also adept at fixing personal computers. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should. In fact, such occurrences ought to be minimized, if not avoided altogether. Your security personnel should be focusing on more pressing issues. But if they’re toiling over PC repairs, not only is your staff’s energy drained, … Read More

How did WannaCry spread so far?

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By now, you must have heard of the WannaCry ransomware. It ranks as one of the most effective pieces of malware in the internet’s history, and it has everyone worried about what’s coming next. To guard yourself, the best place to start is with a better understanding of what made WannaCry different. Ransomware review Ransomware is a specific type of … Read More

Warning: Do not install “Google Defender”

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With as much as we write about sophisticated malware and security breaches, sometimes the most effective attacks are the ones that prey on human error. In the most recent case, all it took was an email with a perfect imitation of one of Google’s security screens. If you use Gmail, you need to know how to avoid this. Broadly defined, … Read More

Homographs: the newest trend in phishing

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So much of cybersecurity depends on adequate awareness from users. Phishing for example, preys on people’s fears and desires to convince them to click on hyperlink images and text before checking where they actually lead to. However, with the latest trend in phishing, even the most cautious users can get swept up. Read on to educate yourself on how to … Read More