Thinking about a move to Office 365? Read this first.

I was asked by a business owner recently if we recommend a move to Office 365. My answer is still a careful yes, but there are some things to be aware of before you make the move. The biggest risk to be aware of is the threat from Phishing attacks. If you haven’t read about Phishing attacks, they are an … Read More

Take better notes with Microsoft’s OneNote

Woman Looking at Sticky Notes

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel form the foundation of most Office experiences. But there’s another application that doesn’t get its fair share of attention: OneNote. It’s severely underutilized considering how helpful it is, so we’re going to explain some of the basics. OneNote is a digital notebook Despite the visual similarities, the thing that sets OneNote apart from Word is … Read More

Grow your business with new Office 365 apps

Microsoft Windows Key on Keyboard

Microsoft never fails to announce exciting new features for their products. In an effort to improve support for small- and medium-sized businesses, they introduced a series of new apps and enhancements for Office 365 during the Inspire conference in July. Some of the most notable upgrades include: Microsoft ConnectionsEmail marketing campaigns are a great way to build relationships with contacts … Read More

Tell Office 2016 and Office 365 apart

Outside of Microsoft Building

Microsoft delivers some of the best productivity tools for businesses worldwide. Office 2016 and Office 365 are the most popular software in the market today. And while both offer Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, there are some significant differences between each product. Read on to find out. How they’re paid forOffice 2016 is a stand-alone suite, and regardless of the quantity … Read More

Workplace Analytics measures productivity

Workplace Analytics on Cell Phone

Microsoft’s MyAnalytics was designed for employees to monitor their individual performance. An updated version, Workplace Analytics, is a significant upgrade because it can be accessed by managers. It not only provides managers with insight into an individual employee’s performance, but it also helps them plan and create strategies around increasing productivity and improving employee output and engagement. How it works … Read More

Changes to Office 365

Syncing Calendar on Laptop to Cell Phone

Whether it’s for the sake of aligning with Windows 10, or not, Office 365 Pro Plus will be upgraded twice a year, in March and September. But what does this mean to business owners like yourself? Will the new update schedule affect how Microsoft plans to deliver and support ProPlus in the future? We’ll answer all that and more. Why … Read More

Office 365 tips to make your life easier

One New Email Message

Office 365 receives dozens of changes every month, which explains why some get overlooked. While Office 365 Planner or Microsoft Teams are great tools for maximizing productivity, there are hidden functions and tricks you can use to make life a bit easier for yourself. Check out our six tips to improve your user experience with Office 365 below. Declutter your … Read More

Data loss prevention tips for Office 365

Data loss prevention tips for Office 365

Office 365 is a complete cloud solution that allows you to store thousands of files and collaborate on them, too. In addition to its productivity features, Office 365 comes with security and compliance solutions that will help businesses avoid the crushing financial and legal repercussions of data loss. However, even with its comprehensive security tools, some data security risks still … Read More

Office 365 gets new security tools

Magnifying Glass on Office 365

Security is, by far, the biggest issue concerning most businesses today. Although safeguards like firewalls and antivirus software are necessary, they’re no longer sufficient in dealing with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Today, companies require multiple layers of security to steer clear of cyberattacks and compliance woes. To help companies with this process, Microsoft has released threat intelligence, advanced threat protection, and … Read More

Watch out for this Microsoft Word bug

Magnifying Glass over Word

Feature updates can come and go, but when Microsoft releases a security update, you need to install it as soon as possible. This is because hackers are constantly looking for software bugs to exploit, and in Microsoft’s case, cybercriminals have found a serious vulnerability in Word. The attackOn April 10, cybersecurity firm Proofpoint discovered scammers running email campaigns to trick … Read More