Your Free Email Phishing Detector

The fastest growing threat to your business’s cyber-security is coming from inside the house! It’s your company’s email. Many of the most common cyber-security threats originate with a fake email targeting your users. This is commonly called a “phishing” attack. There are lots of different processes and technologies that can assist with preventing these attacks, but one of the best … Read More

What is Amazon AppStream 2.0?

Cell Phone Connecting to Amazon AppStream

Managing applications on-premise is expensive and inefficient. Today’s workforce is now more mobile than ever before, which is why businesses are investing in remote access solutions so their employees can access applications and documents whenever and wherever. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is one such solution, and here’s why it’s worth looking into. What is it? Initially released in 2013, Amazon AppStream … Read More

6 CRM best practices you need to know

Customer Service Representatives with Headsets

Most companies have customer relationship management (CRM) software to help them keep track of contact information and purchase history. But having a large database is worthless if you’re not using it to build long-lasting relationships. To keep existing clients coming back and bring new ones in, follow these CRM best practices. Always update customer informationA CRM system is only effective … Read More

Backup and Sync: Google’s new business tool

Google Homepage on Cell Phone and Computer Screen

Businesses that store and process large volumes of data need a highly organized storage and backup system. Although there are various ways to do this — like keeping them on multiple devices or putting them on external hard drives and memory cards — these are not very efficient and can also be misplaced. Google’s new application solves this dilemma. Seamless … Read More

Add minutes to your day with email automation

Add minutes to your day with email automation

How many routine emails would you say your sales and marketing teams send every day? If it’s not many, is that because you don’t have the resources for mass outreach campaigns? Either way, email automation is the perfect solution to staying in touch with customers and prospects without wasting company resources. What is email automation? Usually included in customer relationship … Read More

Get more out of Office 365 with Power BI

Group of People Looking at Data on Papers

The benefits of Office 365 have totally changed the way most businesses operate, and it’s hard to believe anything else could have been added to make it even better. But lo and behold, Microsoft has added another excellent feature for getting a better return on your productivity software investment. What is Power BI? Released in the spring of 2016, Power … Read More

DR tips for hurricane season

Tips for Hurricane Season To Protect Your Data

This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts up to four unusually active hurricanes. With that in mind, there’s no better time to test your disaster recovery (DR) plan. But to avoid data loss and expensive downtime from such catastrophes, there are several things that need to be accounted for. The NOAA forecasts 11 to 17 tropical storms … Read More

Protect your data from WannaCry

Protect Your Data from WannaCry

This month, ransomware has taken center stage yet again. WannaCry has already infected thousands of users around the world. In true ransomware fashion, WannaCry holds user data hostage until the victim decides to pay the ransom. What’s more alarming, however, is that the global success of this malware will likely spawn even more potent variants. To protect your business from … Read More

Do ugly websites really cost you money?

Man Covering Mouth Looking at Computer Screen

eCommerce websites take longer to create than regular websites. That’s because finding the right plugins and fine-tuning other components such as the blog page takes a lot of time. Only when you’re certain that everything’s in place should you go live with your website. Until then, take the time to double-check everything; the last thing you want is a messy … Read More

Back up your mobile devices now

Backup Your Mobile Devices to Cloud

Mobile phones’ sizes and styles went through massive changes in the last few years. And as their looks and dimensions changed, so did their functions. With better capacity and bigger storage, mobile phones turned into veritable mini-computers that businesses were quick to adopt as a vital office tool. Naturally, hackers got the memo. With new schemes targeted specifically towards mobile … Read More