Helping Businesses Build A Remote Workforce Quickly

Many businesses around the country have had to move their entire workforce from a professionally maintained and managed office network to a ragtag collection of old laptops and work-from-home computers in a matter of weeks if not days. At Steady Networks, we feel like we have been preparing for this moment all out lives! As early advocates for “born-in-the-cloud” solutions, … Read More

6 Steps To Incident Response

When a worker is injured on the job, there should be an incident response plan in place. The same is true when responding to a cyber-attack. According to an IBM survey, an Incident Response Plan lowered the financial impact of an attack by 10%. So what does an Incident Response Plan include? 1. Assign clear responsibilities Start with who should … Read More

Is Windows 7 End Of Life Legit, Or Just A Way To Squeeze Customers?

My mother owned a GE microwave for 40 years. It died this year and I don’t think the next one will last quite as long. Planned obsolescence has long been a hallmark of the computer age. Many industries realize they can sell more products and sell more often by forcing their end of life. With computer operating systems there are … Read More

Dear CEOs: The Tone of Cybersecurity Starts at the Top

When your company is facing a threat, the CEO must get involved. When facing a corporate lawsuit, the CEO doesn’t have be in every deposition and understand the minutiae of every precedent, but the tone at the top will dictate how seriously the case is taken, what the strategy will be and how much money the company is willing to … Read More

3 Tips To Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber-security is fast becoming the primary technology concern of businesses both large and small. How do you know when secure is secure enough? Where do you even begin? Here’s a primer on the difference between Cyber-security and IT Management and where to begin when you want to protect your business. You may think that your in-house IT department or your … Read More

The ransomware crisis is going to get a lot worse

Ransomware is already a huge problem. Here’s a few tips to stay protected. Ransomware is now the defining internet crime of our current age. It’s the inevitable consequence of the data storage becoming much cheaper and easier store and a relaxed attitude towards keeping that data safe. Simple attacks plus user willingness to pay ransoms to get their files back … Read More

The Cloud-Based Business

The Cloud Based Business It’s closer than you think About 18 months ago we began working with a large local construction firm that hates servers. They hate buying them, installing them, backing them up. “It’s 2018,” the CEO said to me, “Why do I still have servers?” Many of our customers are expressing the same sentiment. As people grow more … Read More

What the Presbyterian Healthcare Breach Can Teach Our Businesses

If they can’t secure their email, what makes you think you can? Pres Healthcare suffered a breach of customer information in May of this year. As is their obligation under the New Mexico Breach Notification Statute, they have published information on when and how the attack occurred and how many records were affected. Here’s what we do know: Around May … Read More

Could Your Office 365 Account Get Ransomware?

Yes. And here’s what you can do about it… Many of our customers are migrating away from traditional file servers in favor of Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint through Office 365. This system has lots of advantages – it’s becoming more and more integrated into Windows and Microsoft Office, you don’t need VPNs to gain secure access to your file shares, … Read More