Microsoft Offers Cloud Credits to Non-Profits

Meeting with local business owners in Albuquerque and Santa Fe I am often asked whether they should move their infrastructure to the cloud. In most scenarios the answers is yes, given the business has a quality internet service and no regulatory dependencies for keeping their infrastructure in-house. The cloud, in general terms, is most easily defined as a means for … Read More

Microsoft speaks out against the “ancient” practice of password resets for IT Support.

In a blog published last month, Microsoft said it was removing periodic password changes from the security settings for the IT support best practices it recommends for customers and auditors. After decades of Microsoft recommending regular password changes, Microsoft employee Aaron Margosis called the requirement  an “ancient and obsolete mitigation of very low value.” The change is likely due to research that … Read More

A Real Life Ransomware Story

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine with an IT company in Chicago and I wanted to share this story, because there’s a lot for you, me and your IT provider in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico to learn from in this real life scenario… My friend, Alan, just started working with a client who … Read More

New Windows Update Options

With the new era of Windows as a service, Microsoft is rolling out changes to the operating system twice a year. Many of those changes will allow you to improve your security and offer more security choices. You no longer have to wait for a new operating system to deploy new security features. Windows 10 1903 Changes to Windows update … Read More

Can Your IT Company Handle Your Business Growth?

A healthy, growing business is almost always a good thing. Still, expansion brings with it certain responsibilities on your part. If your business is growing quite quickly, it’s important to understand that large changes or adjustments may need to be made. This could mean hiring more employees, starting to provide employee health insurance, advertising more and spending more on marketing … Read More

Church Hit with Business Email Compromise

There was big business security news out of Brunswick, Ohio (a part of the Cleveland metro area) last month, this time involving a church. According to local reporting, the St. Ambrose Catholic Parish recently announced to parishioners that they had been swindled out of a whopping $1.75 million. The attackers’ methods have real implications for churches and businesses alike. We’ll look … Read More

Plan The Perfect Microsoft Office 365 Migration

If you’re trying to figure whether Microsoft Office 365 is right for you, then migration should be one of your primary concerns. When it comes to a cloud-based suite like this, migrating to Office 365 from your current IT environment is no small task. That’s why you have to be sure you know what you’re doing. Before we get to … Read More

How Can You Save Money With The Cloud?

Cloud computing transformed the way companies approached their infrastructure. You’re not locked into using on-site resources only. Instead, you have access to a range of cloud-based service providers. It’s common knowledge that the cloud saves businesses money, but you may be wondering about the specifics of how that works and how to get the best value out of these solutions. … Read More

What Is The Dark Web?

According to some in the technology industry, criminals use the dark web to buy and sell stolen data. Identity thieves are a must stop with any Internet offerings. The top priority with all of this is forced compliance for Internet data protection, consumer protection, and business information protection. Internet Structures and Business Use Understanding a few areas of consideration with … Read More

Be Aware: ASUS Update Tool Hijacked By Aggressive Hackers

Large software and hardware manufacturers are generally a trusted source for updates, but that same level of trust with consumers is what makes these groups a heavy target for hackers. The recent infiltration of ASUS made it all too clear that no one is safe from the threat of malware attacks. The Taiwan-based tech giant recently was the high-profile victim of hackers … Read More