The Biggest Tech Risks To Business of 2019 (part 2)

There are lots of internet scams out there, but this is one of the most persistent and pervasive I have seen in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM.

Scam number two : The Cryptolock/Ransomware Virus

This one requires a little more tech savvy to understand and prevent, so you may need to ask your IT team to ensure you have the basic fixes in place. Ransomware can originate from multiple sources, but the most common attack we have seen comes from 2 vulnerabilities. 1) Remote Desktop Protocol is turned on in the system and a port is open in the firewall and 2) Password lockouts are not enforced on the server. This one-two punch makes it a snap for hackers to infiltrate your system and hold your precious data (including backups) for ransom.

It works because hackers can scan the vast internet looking for firewalls with a port open allowing them into the system. Next all they must do is get the correct username and password. If you don’t have a limit of 5 or so password attempts before the system locks you out, hackers can attempt millions of passwords until they gain access. Once they are in, they deploy the ransomware and you are on the hook for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your data back.
I still see these two scenarios play out far too often in New Mexico, so get these protections in place as soon as possible. If you want more info, reach out to me and I’ll point you in the right direction.