HIPAA Risk Assessment


Get your medical practice HIPAA-Ready with Steady Networks

If you have not begun your journey towards HIPAA Compliance, now is the time, and Steady Networks can help

The world of health care gets more complicated every year. New HIPAA laws, Meaningful Use requirements and concerns for patient privacy can make IT risks almost unmanageable.

We have the tools and the experience to help you through all aspects of a helpful and long-term HIPAA risk assessment. Steady networks has partnered with HIPAA.host to provide the most comprehensive tools for HIPAA Risk Asessment available in New Mexico. We can assist you with a local partner to establish your risk level, develop policies and procedures, and take action on urgent security issues.

Steady Networks will help:

  • Protect your electronic resources - and ensure legally mandated privacy
  • Increase staff members' productivity, so they can focus on patient care
  • Verify appropriate policies exist around all aspects of HIPAA requirements
  • Protect you from federal audit risks

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